Compilers and interpreters are programs that help convert the high-level language (Source Code) into machine codes (binary systems) to be understood by the computers. A high-level language is one that can be understood by humans. low-level language is one that is represented in 0 or 1 forms, which are the machine instructions.
the hight level language contains words and phrases from the languages in common use. so, computers cannot understand high-level languages. They can only understand the binary systems ( machine code). programs are usually written in a high-level language. and they must be converted into machine language. …

In fact, this is one of the most common interview questions for a web developer position, the answer to this question is full of many details, but I will answer it in a simple way without going into the deep details.

1: type your URL

let's say that you are going to type “”, everything starts after you press enter.

2: Cache checking process

the browser checks the cache for a DNS record to find the IP address of

and to make everything simple DNS (Doman Name System) you can imagine it like your first name is the URL and your full name from four syllables is…

At the beginning of a new year and since I started studying information technology in 2016 and before that as well, every year I see an article talking about the death of the PHP language, and how it will become extinct forever and will replace it with other programming languages …

In fact, this type of article is to attract a lot of views only, even the author of the article knows that this thing is not true, for several reasons I will present it in a simple way in this article …

The power of community

PHP is characterized by a very large…

What is caching?

It's an effective way to improve the performance of a Web

application, By storing relatively static data in the cache and serving it

from the cache when requested, the application saves the time that would

be required to generate the data from scratch every time.

A simple summary

if the data isn’t in the cache bring it from DB, if it's in the cache bring

it from cache and don’t go to the DB.

In general

you will not notice that if you have a few records in your

DB, but what will happen if you have very big data like:-

Facebook, or twitter… etc…

Moath Omarsa

Full-Stack Developer

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